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"I can help you determine what you want to achieve...

What you are willing to do to attain your desired success, and...

Help you stay on track throughout the process."


I offer life, relationship, and wellness coaching (virtual and phone sessions) for those seeking to achieve more in their lives and reach higher personal and professional goals. In addition to a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Human Development, my professional background includes clinical therapy, psychoeducational seminars/workshops, creative and research-oriented publications, and wellness coaching, all of which will provide you with a rich coaching service and experience. 


Coaching differs from therapy because it is more future-oriented, solution-focused, and psychoeducation-based. Coaching is not a regulated industry in which mental health conditions are treated, and it may be facilitated virtually from anywhere in the United States. 


Therapy may also incorporate goal-oriented and solution-focused techniques, but it is a state-by-state regulated profession (only conducted by therapists licensed in their respective states) based upon the healing and repairing of past traumas, problematic relationship patterns, marital/family conflict, and it is considered a mental health profession for the purposes of treatment.


Clients who seek coaching are already in an overall healthy state and desire someone to keep them motivated, keep them accountable, and help them attain success in various parts of their personal and professional lives.


It is an interactive and collaborative process, within the format of a psychoeducational program, focusing primarily on your strengths and what you want to achieve with both your short-term and long-term goals. It may help with better self-awareness, more effective communication skills, clarity for your life purpose, and improved health and well-being, all positively impacting your personal and professional life.  


For more information, and to see if my coaching services are the right fit for you, I offer a FREE 20-minute consultation. 

Do you think coaching is the next best step in your life?

How Coaching Can Help You Achieve Success

Mountain Ridge
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Personal Development

Relationship Enhancement

Workplace Success

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence

Educational/Career Goals


Life/Work Balance

Communication Skills

Parenting Styles

Self-Care Strategies

Healthy Living

"My hope is that you will leave your coaching session with something you could not have experienced otherwise; whether it is a new direction, more clarity, needed accountability,

or the right ideas and encouragement to help you

succeed and flourish." 

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