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Sometimes you hear examples of life solutions that seem so simple. Our social media and newsfeeds are packed with solutions to everyday problems:

"Studies show that daily walks can decrease depression."

"Facing your partner when communicating can increase your chances to a lasting relationship."

"Eating healthy foods can dramatically improve your energy levels."

"Investing your money properly can reap dividends for your future."

Have all the above proven to be true for many people? Absolutely! I'm a big believer in exercise and its impact on your moods, energy levels, and overall life satisfaction. I completely understand and support the statement of "facing your partner" when communicating. Yes, eating good foods is extremely important. And learning to invest your money properly is helpful for your financial success.

Sometimes, however, you can be unsure of how to even begin to take that first step. Is it really that simple? One or more of the above statements may be very foreign to the way your family operated growing up, or how your current family unit deals with daily living. It might make sense to you and you may very well agree, but all of the sudden, you freeze in trying to connect that thought to an action that fits your life. This solution feels daunting to you and far from "simple".

This is when seeking therapy can help bridge that gap. You want to reach one of those goals (maybe more than one of them). But you know it will take more than just naming it, reading it, or even posting it up for inspiration. Sometimes, we are at a place in our lives where we can name it, read about it, aim for it..and even reach it! We don't need outside help. Other times, we know deep down, we're in need of some assistance, support, and professional guidance to get there.'s just not that simple.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I will help assess how to best reach your desired solutions, from a systemic, relationship-based model that takes into account the many layers that make up our unique paths in life.

Please call for your 20 minute FREE consultation. I am happy to answer any questions regarding my services and if therapy may be beneficial for you and your loved ones.


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