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In my last blog post "Why In-person Therapy is Significant", I focused on the process building up to your therapy session, from the phone call, to your drive, to the waiting room, and then being in your therapy session. I particularly honed in on the possible symbolism connected to your drive to therapy. I expanded upon what you can experience in this personal, physical, private space created just for you and your loved ones.

I would like continue the description of this in-person therapy journey...and then I want to take you further....I want to talk about your drive home after therapy.


In my first article, I mentioned the release of emotions that you may anticipate to share in your private, specially designated space. As you sit in front of your therapist, you have the opportunity to fully engage and reciprocally express all the array of feelings and thoughts associated with your concerns, challenges, and desires. The exchange of conversations can be both comforting and intellectually stimulating. You gain a sense of how your therapist works because in addition to hearing his/her thoughts and ideas, you have full access to what's been created in this space, specifically for you.

It is not just about facial expressions or how one uses his/her hands to express oneself (although you definitely have more clarity in person with both of these communication modalities), but perhaps you sometimes glance out the window, or at a quote displayed, or at art you find mesmerizing.

Whatever it may be that your senses are drawn to, it becomes personal and meaningful to you throughout your journey there.


You may or may not realize this, but those last few minutes before your session is over are special and important. Therapy sessions may involve painful, sad, challenging moments that cannot always be neatly tidied up before you leave (nor is it always good practice, or necessary, to do so). However, those last few moments may also involve a sense of deep satisfaction with fresh, new perspectives and solutions.

Either way, your drive from therapy is a good time to ponder all you discussed, review all you felt (on your own or with a significant other if couples/family work), and regain clarity on a topic discussed. It is your time to regroup before entering your home or work life again...it can be a a buffer, if you will, before having to face whatever awaits you on the other side.

I offer virtual therapy and strongly believe in its benefits and am truly grateful for this option....AND what you gain from in-person therapy has its own unique attributes, including the call for an appointment, your drive there, your time in the waiting room, the physical space of your therapy room, your interaction with your therapist, and your drive home. It's the entire process, the whole package, that makes this in-person therapy experience so significant.

This journey of in-person healing and personal growth awaits you at many therapists' offices nationwide. It is a pleasure to welcome our clients...our doors are open!

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