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Online Faith-based Counseling
for Florida Residents

Many individuals, couples, and families desire to work with a licensed marriage and family therapist who can also integrate their Christian faith and comfortably discuss their relationship with God as part of the therapy conversation.

I understand this and am both comfortable and experienced in combining one's Christian faith with their therapy goals.  

Many people are on a spiritual journey, looking to ask deeper questions, ponder Scripture teachings, and apply the messages as they navigate their current life situations.  

If faith is integral to your life, relationships, and decisions, there is space for that here.   I’ve worked with Christian individuals and families of various denominations, including my work at a faith-based counseling center. 


While discussing your faith or spirituality is never required for successful therapy, some people feel more comfortable knowing that they can bring their faith into the conversation when needed or relevant, even if that’s not the initial focus. 

Some of the ways you could integrate your faith into your therapy sessions include:

  • Incorporating your values into your relationships

  • Life application of Scripture teachings

  • Exploring the deeper meaning of your life

  • Finding solutions that align with your belief system

  • Using faith-based lessons to address challenges

  • Managing inter-faith backgrounds in relationships and families

  • Premarital counseling that optionally explores faith


 If you would prefer a therapist who can weave your faith and beliefs into your virtual therapy experience, let's have a conversation, and I can share more about my background and answer any questions you may have.


But the greatest of these
is love. 

1 Corinthians 13:13

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