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Online Individual Therapy for Florida Residents

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Sometimes you need that place just for yourself.

A place especially created just for your needs to be addressed and explored. A place where you can experience healing and seek solutions suited for your unique life journey. This individual work is a gift for you and your loved ones, as you cultivate awareness, hope, and inspiration about yourself and your relationships.

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Common Topics We Cover in Virtual Individual Therapy

Adjusting to life transitions (going to college, young adult launching, midlife, divorce, retirement)

Implementing self-care strategies

Attaining healthier boundaries

Learning coping strategies for anxiety

Managing stress

Processing unresolved conflicts

Healing from grief and loss

Rebuilding relationships (personal and professional)

Addressing parenting concerns


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Heal from family wounds, hurtful life events, and traumatic experiences. 

Oftentimes, we feel stuck in certain life situations because we have important healing to do. This is the time and place for you to explore the various areas of your life that need healing and work through them in a comfortable, safe environment. 

Develop emotional and relational intelligence in a safe setting.

These private individual therapy sessions give you the space and guidance to explore how to understand and manage your emotions and modify your responses to challenging situations.  Any long-lasting change starts with self awareness.  Learning to process challenges in new ways and creating new response patterns can build lifelong resiliency skills. 

Implement solutions and create positive ripple effects.

Achieve your desired outcome by focusing on your strengths and resources. Therapy helps you identify and build on your strengths, develop a clear vision of your goals, and take action toward achieving them. With a focus on what is working and what can be done, you can move forward and create positive change in your life, impacting those around you. 

These confidential virtual individual therapy sessions are available for any Florida resident.  Let’s get on a quick call to see if these sessions are a good fit for you.

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