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Premarital Counseling

Engaged Couple
Would you like to have a deeper understanding of your partner and relationship? 

Do you think it is important to discuss many areas of your future together, such as finances, family backgrounds, and communication styles?

Would you feel better prepared if you prioritized relationship counseling, just as you work hard on wedding arrangements?

Have you been curious about how your partner thinks/feels about critical topics for your future and want a designated space and therapist to help you discuss these things? 


If you said YES to any of the above questions,
or have more you'd like to discuss...

PREPARE/ENRICH is a relationship assessment where the results are tailored to your unique background and relationship. It is a premarital journey involving taking an inventory and reviewing the results over a ~6-8 week timespan. 

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I will be able to help you discuss topics such as communication, parenting, and finances (among others) in a unique, specialized approach. My background, training, and relationship expertise will provide you with a rich, personal, and valuable experience. 

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Here are the main areas of the Prepare/Enrich program of which I typically cover and implement into my therapy sessions:

  • Communication:

    • Assessing how effectively the couple communicates.

    • Identifying communication styles and patterns.

    • Learning active listening skills.

    • Understanding nonverbal cues.

    • Practicing healthier ways of communicating.

  • Conflict Resolution:

    • Recognizing sources of conflict.

    • Learning constructive ways to resolve conflicts.

    • Developing negotiation and compromise skills.

    • Understanding each other's conflict resolution styles.

  • Personality Differences:

    • Exploring personality traits and differences.

    • Understanding how personality impacts relationship dynamics.

    • Learning to appreciate and respect differences.

    • Building empathy and understanding.

  • Family Background and Expectations:

    • Discussing family backgrounds and upbringing.

    • Identifying family-of-origin influences.

    • Exploring expectations about roles, responsibilities, and traditions.

    • Discussing family values and beliefs.

  • Financial Management:

    • Assessing financial attitudes and behaviors.

    • Discussing financial goals and priorities.

    • Creating a budget and financial plan.

    • Learning to make financial decisions together.

  • Intimacy and Affection:

    • Discussing emotional and physical intimacy.

    • Exploring love languages and affectionate behaviors.

    • Addressing sexual compatibility and expectations.

    • Building intimacy and connection.

  • Personal and Relationship Goals:

    • Setting individual and shared goals.

    • Discussing long-term plans and aspirations.

    • Aligning values and priorities.

    • Supporting each other's growth and development.

  • Spiritual Beliefs and Practices:

    • Exploring spiritual beliefs and values.

    • Discussing the role of faith and religion in the relationship.

    • Understanding how spirituality impacts decision-making and problem-solving.

    • Nurturing spiritual connection as a couple.

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