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Online Family Therapy for Florida Residents

There comes a time where you need to address familial challenges and you need the professional support and guidance to get through them together.


A place to explore your parent/child relationships; a place for you and your parent or sibling to work on family-of-origin issues; a place for your whole family to come together as a unit and confront your challenges as one.


Common Topics We Cover in Family Therapy

  • Addressing adult parent/child challenges

  • Adjusting to life transitions or family stage

  • Dealing with extended family

  • Building trust and emotional safety

  • Developing better communication skills

  • Identifying what’s interfering in your relationship

  • Healing from previous wounds in the relationship

  • Renewing your family bonds with one another


Who is this virtual family therapy for?

  • Adult couples dealing with extended family or in-laws

  • Parents addressing issues with their adult children (18+)

  • Co-parents that want to get on the same page with parenting decisions

  • Family units with adult children that are navigating challenges

  • Parents of young children or teenagers dealing with stressors

While any family can take advantage of virtual family therapy, even parents of young children, the sessions themselves can be attended by any family member over the age of 18. 

What does virtual family therapy typically look like?

In general, we begin with smaller sessions, such as sessions with each individual or pairs of people, so that we can assess and process the current issues together.  

Once the individuals or pairs are ready to move on to the next step, we’ll come together as a group to continue all of the personalized work to process the dynamics and situation as a whole. 

Each family and situation is unique, so your family therapy path will be customized to your needs.  It’s important that each family member feels heard and has a chance to process thoughts and feelings separately as we move towards a better place together. 

Let's schedule a consultation to discuss how you hope family therapy can best help you and your family members. 

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