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Online Couples Therapy for Florida Residents


Are you experiencing stress in your relationship with your spouse or significant other? Do you desire to address important areas of your relationship in a supportive setting? 

Couples work is unique in that it is a shared experience which can address emotionally focused growth, communication practice, and sincere understanding of one another.

Strengthen your connection through virtual couples therapy. 

Couple at Home

Common Topics We Cover in Couples Therapy

  • Building intimacy, trust, and emotional safety

  • Developing better communication skills

  • Identifying what’s interfering in your relationship

  • Healing from previous wounds in the relationship

  • Addressing parenting challenges

  • Adjusting to life transitions or family stage

  • Dealing with extended family

  • Discerning the direction of the relationship

  • Renewing your connection with each other

The first step to restoring faith in each other is coming together with intention.

It’s not uncommon for even the most loving long-term partners to find themselves feeling distant, misaligned, or disconnected from each other. Life’s inevitable challenges can demand our attention and emotional resources, depleting the relationship over time. 

Couples therapy is a dedicated space and time to safely hear each other speak.  When we feel comfortable sharing in a respectful and vulnerable way, couples can learn from each other and renew their respect and faith in each other.  

These confidential virtual couples therapy sessions are available for any Florida resident. 

Let’s get on a quick call to see how these sessions can help you reconnect with your partner and feel supported again.

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