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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does each therapy session take?

Each therapy session is typically 50 minutes in length. When working with couples, I often begin with a 75-minute session so I can have some individual time with each partner before resuming all together. Sometimes, couples prefer 75-minute or 90-minute sessions, depending on the issues, scheduling, and other case factors. 

We will discuss and agree upon a timeframe that works best to suit your needs and schedule. 

What are your hours?

Mondays, 12 - 4 pm, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 am - 4 pm ET. 

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Do you take insurance?  

I only accept out-of-pocket payment, as I find this to be most beneficial for confidentiality purposes and helps with financial clarity so that we can primarily focus on your therapy goals. I am happy to answer any further questions regarding payment and my session fees, which are discussed at more length during our consultation meeting and described in more detail on my practice policies informed consent form. 


Beginning, January 1, 2022, you have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of therapy services. I will provide you with this Good Faith Estimate at the beginning of our work together, and you may request one at any time before a scheduled therapy session. Depending on your length of treatment, I will continue to provide a new Good Faith Estimate every twelve months. For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit​call HHS at (800) 368-1019.

If I want couples or family therapy, can I attend therapy by myself at first?

If you know couples therapy is the kind of therapy service needed, it is best to begin together as a couple from the beginning. My first session with couples involves some individual time in addition to couples time. 


Even in couples or family work, it is common to have individual sessions. We would plan and discuss this option at various intervals of your therapy journey, depending on how helpful it could be to your therapy goals. 


Do you offer free consultation meetings?


I am happy to spend some time with you to best assess if this is what you want, if my services can be helpful to you, and to answer any questions regarding therapy. I want to help make this a comfortable process for you.

This 20 minute consultation is for the purpose of asking questions to help determine if therapy with me is a good fit. It is not a therapy session and will not involve clinical assessments or discussions that would typically take place during a normal therapy session.

If you and I agree that proceeding with clinical psychotherapy is the next step together, then you will receive, complete, and sign the necessary documents before our first formal therapy session.

As a marriage and family therapist, do you only work with couples and families?

In addition to focusing on relationship therapy, a lot of my work is with individuals. My marriage and family therapy background provides a systemic framework from which to work, which allows me to understand you and work with you from a broader perspective.



As a marriage and family therapist, do you only work with married couples? 

Although my title is a licensed marriage and family therapist, I also work with premarital couples, those in dating relationships, and non-married couples.

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