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Design Your Life Fulfillment Project

Personal Development Coaching Programs to Achieve Your Goals

Delve into your personal and professional goals in just
6-8 weeks

  • Turn your ideas into inspired action

  • Get a confidential accountability partner to keep moving 

  • Brainstorm and collaborate with a dedicated coach 

  • Fast track your growth with a trained professional 

Your journey should be exhilarating, fun, productive, and fruitful. 

As a solution-focused therapist and wellness coach, I've developed two highly tailored 1:1 coaching programs that can spark your ideas, speak to your heart, and enhance so many areas of your life and relationships. 

Working at the Beach

Personal Growth
1:1 Coaching Program

  • Build a Foundation of Wellness

  • Nurture Healthy Relationships

  • Thrive in the Workplace

  • Master Time Management

  • Achieve Life-Work Balance

  • Cultivate Healthy Habits

  • Overcome Challenges/Obstacles

  • Sustain your Success 

  • Plan for Long-term Goals

Professional Young Woman

Interpersonal Communications
1:1 Coaching Program

  • Learn the Power of Communication

  • Master the Art of Effective Listening

  • Unveil Emotional Intelligence

  • Expand Your Style of Communicating

  • Explore the Power of Body Language

  • Navigate Conflict with Confidence 

  • Build Trust and Emotional Presence

  • Sustain Healthy Communication

Yellow Flowers and Laptop

"Eleni is a touchstone of truth.
She is the real thing." 

"When the time comes and you need a little help to get to the next phase of your journey, lucky are you to find Eleni Paris.  In this day of quick fixes, internet gurus, self-help trends and the latest fad, Eleni is a touchstone of truth.  She is the real thing.  


No matter what guidance you may need, Eleni brings her extensive experience, excellent training and dedication to the table.  She is all in.  She is totally committed.  And she always has success in helping you reach your goals.


I am glad to call Eleni Paris my Professional Life Partner.  Someone who helps me create a life filled with the joy and success that I always hoped it would be. Thank you, Eleni!"   


-Linda F., Coaching Client



      Hi, I'm Eleni Paris.


I know what it's like to have the desire to expand upon an area of my life but not wanting to do it alone. Sometimes, working in collaboration with others creates results that are 10 times more powerful than trying to string them together by ourselves. 

These 6-8 week individual programs are designed to motivate, inspire, and fast track you into the next phase of growth and joy in your personal and professional life. 


In addition to a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Human Development, my professional background includes clinical therapy, psychoeducational seminars/workshops, creative and research-oriented publications, and healthy living/wellness coaching, all of which will provide you with a rich coaching service and experience. 

I'd love to have a chat with you to see if I can help with your life fulfillment project. 


Coaching differs from therapy because it is more
future-oriented and psychoeducation-based.

Untitled design (3).png


Normally, coaching clients are already in an overall healthy state and are working toward a specific internal "project" or personal goal. Coaching can keep them motivated and accountable and give actionable steps to help them attain success in various parts of their personal and professional lives. 


Coaching is not a regulated industry in which mental health conditions are treated, and it may be facilitated virtually from anywhere in the United States. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or health care. 

Therapy typically revolves around the healing and repairing of past traumas, problematic patterns, mental health disorders, and relationship conflicts, and it is considered a mental health profession for the purposes of treatment. 

While therapy may also incorporate goal-oriented and solution-focused techniques, it is a state-by-state regulated profession (only conducted by therapists licensed in their respective states). If you are seeking mental health support, contact your health provider in your state for further resources. 






Curious to see if this personalized program is a good fit for you?
​Let's hop on a call to find out. 

"My hope is that you will leave your coaching session with something you could not have experienced otherwise; whether it is a new direction, more clarity, needed accountability,

or the right ideas and encouragement to help you

succeed and flourish."




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