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As we move forward after our Covid year, how will we emerge? Is it possible to push our way through these challenges and be the same person as before? It's only been a year, right? Our personalities stay the same and our overall ways of life remain in tact, right? In some ways, other ways, no. There will be pieces of our lives that are unchanged...but those pieces had to somehow NOT be touched by our Covid journey. And that is where it seems nearly impossible that we will somehow be unchanged or the same as before. And it's not necessarily a bad or sad just is....a change.

Let's start with the obvious: the shock, fear, and loss are enough to refashion anyone's outlook on life, approach to health, and future decisions. We may have also experienced some "silver linings", which greatly impacted the change does not have to necessarily be in the form of a hardship. In fact, I've heard more stories of positive growth and new discoveries as a direct result of Covid journeys. However, even if we have experienced some growth, it also means we shed something of old and we will, nevertheless, emerge out of this anew.

We also have some reorganizing to do as we reenter the workforce, or send children off to school, or travel, or even just gather again with friends and family we did not see for some time. As we regroup, we are coming across one another's experiences and how Covid impacted each of us differently, and continues to influence our daily decisions. What does that do to our interactions and relationships? Will your changes be obvious to the outside eye, or just deeply personal? Can you feel that growth? I can always tell when I'm going through growing pains..and although it doesn't alway feel good, I know good will come from it.

So as you take your first steps out of this year into a new one, pause to ask yourself some of the questions posed above. Be good to yourself and others...and welcome any change that might result in a newfound understanding of your current life situation. If the change has brought about new feelings of uncertainty, fear, or self-doubt that is impeding on you moving are not alone...and consider seeking help. Change can be unsettling and you deserve to feel at peace again.

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