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Virtual Sessions

(Florida Residents)

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Individual Therapy

Sometimes you need that place just for yourself. A place especially created just for your needs to be addressed and explored. A place where you can experience healing and seek solutions suited for your unique life journey. This individual work is a gift for you and your loved ones, as you cultivate awareness, hope, and inspiration about yourself and your relationships.

Couples Therapy

Are you experiencing stress in your relationship with your spouse or significant other? Do you desire to address important areas of your relationship in a supportive setting? Couples work is unique in that it is a shared experience which can address emotionally focused growth, communication practice, and sincere understanding of one another.

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Family Therapy

There comes a time where you need to address familial challenges and you need the professional support and guidance to get through them together: A place to explore your parent/child relationships; a place for you and your parent or sibling to work on family-of-origin issues; a place for your whole family to come together as a unit and confront your challenges as one.

Families with
Special Needs Children

Having a child with special needs is truly a unique journey and can pose challenges that are exceptionally stressful and difficult. I understand this journey as I have a special needs daughter and know the direct impact it can have on all individuals and the whole family system. I can help in areas such as self-care, enhancing parent-child relationships, marital stress, navigating school and IEP's, community resources, and overall, exploring the best options for your child and family.

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