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We are constantly in decision-making mode. We don't even think about it, and have to make minute-to-minute decisions. But what about those BIG decisions that could impact all those around us? What kind of thought do we put into it before taking action? We've all made impulsive decisions that either turned out great (thankfully) or backfired (unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately).

Regardless of what happens AFTER we make a decision, we will inevitably have a window of critical decision-making that not only impacts our personal lives, but often has ripple effects on those closest to us. And during those critical moments, we must ask ourselves, do we feel emotionally or spiritually "centered" as we contemplate the best path to take? Are we "grounded" so that once we make that decision, we can withstand all that might follow that decision? How will this impact our loved ones? What benefits/risks await us after going forth with this decision?

Life is not one perfect decision after fact, more than not, it's comprised of a string of imperfect decisions, but ones that have brought us to the here and now, filled with learned mistakes and unexpected blessings. We certainly have moments where we don't have much time to contemplate and need to act swiftly. But if you have time for certain decisions, you may want to alter how you prepare yourself for this determination. Here is some of what I have witnessed both personally and professionally:

Even if the outcome is imperfect, take the time to center yourself and be as grounded as possible before making a big decision. How do you center yourself? For some, being centered revolves around their spiritual life and daily spiritual practices. For others, it may mean taking an inventory on what feels healthy to keep and what feels unhealthy which you can no longer keep (whether it's your exercise and food choices, or your emotional wellness and taking notice of unhealthy relationships ...perhaps both).

As you feel more centered, you can also ask yourself, "how will I know I am grounded enough to make this decision?" If you are one who has invested a lot of time on self-awareness and personal growth, you can reflect upon a time that you knew you were certainly grounded and learn from those lessons. Perhaps you need a trusted friend, family member, clergy, or mental health professional to help you learn, grow, and make the right choices. Either way, as a grounded tree can withstand the harsh elements of nature, you can also move forth with more confidence if making a big decision from a well-grounded stance.

"Do I feel centered?" "Am I grounded?" Two questions that can help you prepare in making life-altering decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

If you need assistance in better understanding how to become more centered or grounded, the therapy process may serve you and your relationships well.

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