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I will never forget a writing project from graduate school that has profoundly impacted me to this day. We were instructed to write about our life story in terms of chapters and answer a set of questions within each chapter such as "who impacted you the most?" or "what was most challenging about this time?" But there was one question that helps me even today when I want to revisit a past chapter, pull from it's lessons, connect it to my present day challenge...and perhaps implement relevant solutions. The question was:

"What was a turning point in that chapter?"

In other words, what life event made you do an about- face-turn, facing a completely different direction? A direction that would have been significantly different if NOT for that experience? I thought it was so simple, yet poignant and helpful. Most of us have several, if not many, "turning points." It could be a life transition event, like getting married or having children. It could be a traumatic event that launched us onto a path never anticipated. We might think of those moments as ones we wished never occurred, saying "well, if that had not happened, then maybe i'd be better at..." But my solution-oriented mindset prefers to focus on thoughts such as "but because of that life event, I was able to"...or "I eventually learned" or even "I would have not experienced that particular growth if I did not go through that." At least this is how I found myself writing about my turning points. It helped me, and continues to help me in any present day challenges.

I believe we are all at a turning point right now. We have an opportunity to make an about-face-turn toward growth, blossoming, and the unlocking of a potential that may have been sitting dormant.

Perhaps you are ready to explore the solutions that lie within your present-day "turning point", but want assistance in understanding it and moving forward with it.

As a marriage and family therapist, working with individuals, couples, and families, my therapy services can be that place for you to mark this "turning point"...and help you move in a direction full of hope and fulfillment.

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