One moment you may look at your child with developmental disabilities and feel an overwhelming sense of peace, in that they have innocence with their dealings in life. And the very next moment, your stress levels can reach peak heights because your nonverbal, cognitively disabled daughter is having a meltdown in public and she is so anxious by this moment that she is physically lashing out at you as you try to help her. Let's go a step further...you finally get her in the car, settled, and she falls asleep. You look at her face knowing she could not help it and yet you feel so angry that it happened, you're mad at yourself that you did not prevent it, and possibly event resentful in that THIS is your reality. After sifting through these raw feelings....once again you see that innocence...and you gear up for the next part of the day.

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a disabled child that stirs these moment-to-moment emotions with you, piling on layers of complexities because in addition to the above listed, you may have also had to physically move your child out of the car, or you had your children witness this experience (probably for the millionth time) and you know this life you are living will impact them on some level. What about your marriage? Were you able to vent to your spouse, or significant other? Will he/she be there to help you when you get home?

I'll just stop there b/c the examples and questions are endless.

I get it..I really do. I have lived it and am living it. Although we all have different children with different abilities/disabilities, there is a thread that connects us on an emotional level. I have to take a deep breath just after writing that above example.

If you are a parent of a special needs child, or a family member dealing with this unique family life, you might need a place to work through these interwoven emotions, find solutions to your daily living, and just have that place to take a deep breath. A place to heal from your "blessed, but stressed" life.

Please call me for a FREE 20 minute consultation and I'll answer any questions you may have regarding my therapy services and how I might be of help to you and your family.


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